Welcome to my site. I design rituals in order to make lighter what may not be, what is taboo, or painful. In this way I guide groups – old and young – in commemorating, processing or celebrating emotional events and processes.

A ritual is carefully planned event where place, object, decor, sound and actions play a role. One concentrates on a particular issue or question, and through visualization, the participant follows a process to the heart. Rituals make it possible to unite paradoxes and accept dilemmas. A disturbed balance can be restored after which one can continue or start again. Rituals developed from art are unique, have imagination and fit with this time. The rituals are almost playful games. 

If there are issues in your life or at your work, or if you want to get a grip on the stream underneath, then a ritual can be a good idea. Rituals that release stories. Rituals that make a conversation a work of art. Discover the rituals on this site. View the projects and assignments to see how they have been applied. Be inspired and contact us without obligation.