Welcome to my website. Get acquainted with the rituals I design as an artist and see what they can do for you. Rituals give meaning to important or sensitive processes in life. Rituals to commemorate, to communicate, or to celebrate. I develop them for a wide variety of contexts and audiences, individuals, private groups, organizations and companies.

A ritual is carefully planned event where place, object, decor, sound and actions play a role. It concentrates on a particular issue or question, and through visualization, the participant follows a process to the heart. Rituals make it possible to unite paradoxes and accept dilemmas. Lost equilibrium can be recovered so that one can start over again. Rituals developed through art help to visualize and expand the imagination, and are made for this day and age.

Is there an emotional or sensitive issue in your life at the moment, or are you approaching an important milestone? A ritual would be a wonderful idea. A ritual in the form of a game to celebrate your birthday, rituals to bring out long-forgotten memories, or rituals to help you tell your life’s story in Testament Unknown!, a project which will start this coming January.

As an artist, I have developed many rituals. They have beauty and the power of imagination. Have a look at the rituals and discover the possibilities. Look at my projects and commissions to see how they are used. Let yourself be inspired and consider their meaning for you or your organization. Please contact me, no obligation.