”A person also leaves insights, humor and wisdom behind’

Hidden Legacy (2017-2019)

The position of the elderly in our society today is not what it should be. They are seen as a problem rather than as a source of inspiration. There is a lot being done for older people but this has a high “nice for the elderly’ content. There is hardly any interest in their output, although their insights and life lessons have much to offer to us.

“Hidden legacy” is an educational tool where senior citizens will give form to that legacy which does not fit into a ‘real’ will. Ritual games  such as Memory Things, the Goose Path, or The Game of the Oracle, make it easy and enjoyaboe to tell life stories. Artists, poets and theatermakers support them in this artistic process. We present the final result to family, friends and the younger generation. A person not only leaves money and goods behind, but also memories and insights with humor, love, and wisdom.

The first group portrayed their testaments theatrically on stage in 2017. In 2018 a second group was formed consisting of (former) home care givers. They presented their testaments in ritual form at different locations in Watergraafsmeer, and a third group did this visually in Ida van der Lee’s studio. A fourth group is starting in 2019. “Are you interested? Sign up here.

Funding:Fonds Cultuurparticipatie, Oranjefonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Sluyterman van Loo Fonds, city of Amsterdam. Partner: Dynamo. Concept and ritual games Ida van der Lee. Artistic process Ida van der Lee (visual) and Peet van Duijnhoven (dramatist). Coach: Sikko Cleveringa, CALXL. Analysis and description of method Michael Hoogenhuyze. Video: Lucas van Rooyen.