Artist in Residence Hungary

An invitation by Elizabeth de Vaal to be artist-in-residence in the village of Pecsbagota, Hungary allowed me to work and be inspired by the Hungarian culture and nature. Pecsbagota is a small village with 30 houses and 120 residents. There is a 90 m² studio next to the guest house. Hungary was a discovery for me. It is rural, quiet and beaurtiful.

I worked with a map of the village, cutting out all of the plots of land and used the resulting template to make a print on the floor with corn starch. The silhouettes of object from Memory Things flowed through the village. The real objects all around. The villagers looked for the matching forms and told their stories.  

27 August 2016: exposition ‘Kleine geheimen – sterke verhalen’ (‘Small secrets – strong stories’) with Hungarian and Dutch participants: Bill Wei – drawings,  Elizabeth de Vaal – installation, Ida van der Lee – ritals/ community art, Lotte van Lieshout- paintings, Tari József  – miniature book collection, Végh Gábor- scale model vehicles made from paper, Zékány Dia –  paintings. The exhibition was curated by Elizabeth de Vaal, visual artist. Opening speech by Mayor Filipovics József, and Pusztai Tünde, art historian.