University for Humanistics

I have been working with the University of Humanistics since 2015. As lecturer for the first module of the celebrant curriculum. During these classes I have the students design rituals. As speaker: I have been a speaker at several symposia. As designer: a ritual for 70 persons during a symposium in 2017. I also designed the ritual game ‘De Grijze Wijze en de Zwart Wit Denkers’ (The Gray Wisemen/Women and the Black White Thinkers) for the Betweter Festival (Know-it-all Festival) in Tivoli Vredenburg in 2017.

Commission: University for Humanistics, Joanna Wojtkowiak, Universitair docent (assistant professor) for Psychological and World View Aspects of Existential Counseling and Maya Swaan, project leader Purpose & Profession, training center of the University for Humanistics