Expositie Beyond the Body in Artcentre Silkeborg Bad, Denmark 

September 1- December 9, 2018, Curator Anne Berk  Opened by the Dutch ambassador to Denmark, Henk Swarttouw. 

How do we deal with our transient body? How 17 artist have thought about these questions in works of art, installations and videos. I exhibited the ritual, Dining with the Dead, in a wonderful, a ritual normally carried out during an All Souls’ Day celebration. It is a specially  decorated table to which the dead are invited for dinner. We ask visitors to write a text on a plate, something that person always said at the table. 

Design Ida van der Lee, Concept Eline Pullen. Artists in Beyond the Body: Erzsébet Baerveldt, Caspar Berger, Antoine Berghs, Martin uit den Bogaard, Célio Braga, Alexandra Bremers, Esther Bruggink, David Claerbout, Desirée Dolron, Jeroen Eisinga, Jelle Kampen, Ida van der Lee, Janpeter Muilwijk, Alet Pilon, Jan Thomas, Jan Dietvorst & Roy Villevoye