From worthless to worthy’

The Course of Things – Deventer 2010 – 2012

The Rivieren neighborhood in Deventer had to be razed. While I was getting oriented in the neighborhood in order to make a plan, a lot of discarded stuff lay on the street because of all the moves. I therefore thought of the concept of a second hand studio The Course of Things.

A team of artists, designers, interns and volunteers collected the thrown out things, took them apart and sorted them in an alternative do-it-yourself store. This became the source of numerous activities, such as the design of new products, and the organization of workshops and guerilla actions in the neighborhood. The store became a meeting place and sales point for special objects, such as the lotus flower made from Luxaflex window blinds, which were later used in the Irritation Game.

The project was developed in the framework of the social program for the Rivieren neighborhood.

FinancingStichting Doen,  VSBfonds,  Cultuur-Ondernemen, Kunstenlab, Rentree, Kunstcircuit. Idea and artistic director Ida van der Lee. Initiative Sikko Cleveringa, culture broker in Deventer until 2011. Project supervisor Josien in ’t Hof (Kunstenlab) and Annemarie van der Vegt, Cultuurmakelaar Bureau Kunstcircuit. Project owner Kunstenlab. Artists 2010 – 2011 Jan Willem Breugel, Dinand Daling, Jana Flohr,  Anna-Karina van der Horst,  Annet Nooijen, Daphne Riedijk, Patrick Ros,  Annemarie van der Vegt, Noor Wentholt,  Veerle Lavoir. Artists 2011-2012 Marianne de Bakker,  Agnita Bloemendal,  Wouter Bloemendal, Floor Coolsma,  Annegien van Doorn, Erik Fusco, Marije Groosjohan, Phebe Lilian, Daphne Riedijk, Chantal de Wolde.
Guest artists Jojanneke Dekens, Joanna Kanik, Michael Klinkenberg, Lies Kortenhorst, Marianne Plug.
Volunteers Arnoud van Riemsgaarden, Bert Vrijen, Bill Wei. Interns ROC Burak, Mehmet, Leroy. Publication self-published by Arnold Weel.