Welcome to my website and learn about my activities as an artist. Since 1996 I am practising my art in the middle of society. I didn’t know the concept of ‘community art’ but I did it. It became clear to me that I wanted to give a meaning towards sensitive and painful processes such as the demolition of houses dealing with death. I would like to break taboos on a sensitive way. I run my projects with many other artists, organizations, volunteers and participants.

It is not surprising that ritual plays an important role in my art. That evolved naturally. Rituals do not go through the rational, but through the heart and feeling. I develop the rituals out from the art which makes them contemporary and beautyful. The design is forstanding. A good ritual can restore an imbalance or give structure to an emotional event.

The rituals like ‘Remember the Things’, ‘The Time Office’ and ‘The Geese Path are surprising people. They open up towards essential themes that normally remain untouched. The ‘Irritation Game’ has proven itself as an icebreaker within organizations. It makes issues visable and negatiable in a safe environment. The Oracle Game is new ritual and appears to work for people with dementia.

Are there tough issues playing in your life?  Are there significant milestones at work? Maybe a ritual is a great idea. A rituals is like a game but on a level of meaning. For your birthday there a rituals which effecuates storytelling. Or rituals to give shape to you Undiscovered Legacy which will start in January. But a special ritual homage to the deceased at the funeral or afterwards is also possible.

Get inspired and get ideas for projects, assignments or individual rituals. Do you want to explore the possibilities  together, please contact me.