Exposition ‘Jenseits – beyond the body’,  curator Anne Berk 

Eleven well-known Dutch artists presented themselves in an exhibition about death. In Jenseits – Beyond the Body they portrayed their fears, desires and suspicions about the “other side”. The exhibition was a symbolic trip to and beyond the “other side”, with passages about approaching death, suffering, the fear of death, the desire for release, transition phases, transformation, not being, grief and commemoration. I exhibited attributes from All Souls’ Day Everywhere. 

Lamp design: Aida Rifai. With Erzebeth Baerveldt, Martin uit den Bogaard, Celio Braga, Esther Bruggink, Jeroen Eisinga, Judith Maria Kleintjes, Mark Kramer, Ida van der Lee, Alet Pilon, Jaap de Ruig, Brele Scholz, Jan Thomas, Roy Villevoy. In Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf.