‘Collages as an exercise in giving’

Collage Tour 2018 – 2020

Making collages is fun. My huge collection of paper and images is a Valhalla. One itches to get started. I gave two workshops in the summer of 2018. The concentration, adventure and pleasure were enormous, and the results were worth it. And I will ritualize these workshops. A ritual of ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’. You make a collage and make someone happy with it. It is the motivation for a meeting and a conversation. It causes a chain reaction. Het is een aanleiding voor een ontmoeting en een gesprek. Het veroorzaakt een kettingreactie. The recipient can also make someone happy and place an order or becomes the maker. This is still in development. Who can we make happy with this? Can you know who might be interested? Would you like to take part? Please let me know.