Network company Alliander 

Energetic City 2050, Arnhem – 2012 under the direction of Karin Rikkers (Alliander) and Erna aan de Stegge (Kunst Werkt van Cultuurmij Oost)

Netwerk company, Alliander, is looking for surprising innovations in energy facilities for an energetic city. For Energetic City 2050 they asked visionaries to think of soutions. Three teams developed a manifest for their vision on energy in Arnhem in 2050. They asked me to make these manifests accessible.  

Humans themselves are sources of energy. Because I did not quite understand the manifests, I used Memory Things to have the teams explain their abstract concepts. This also made things more clear for themselves. Dit was voor henzelf ook verhelderend. For the Expo City Visions I had the public tell me where they get their energy from. Examples of sources of energy were singing an aria, petting a cat, or bicycling along the Rijn. They downloaded this energy in a small box and wrote the energy source on it. They then added this to and energy depot. The energy depot grew and grew.  Concept and design Ida van der Lee in cooperation with Ronald Tebra. Click on the photograph for more images.