‘Exposeren was niet mijn ding’

Recycling scrap, 1997- 1999

After the completion of The tradition of a house I had a shed full of scrap material, in particular, a whole lot of wood. I sawed and sanded and chipped and could not throw anything away. The wood, the splinters, the little bits and pieces, and the sawdust all received a place in various sculptures and installations which I made for artist initiatives and other exhibition sites in the Netherlands. It was wonderful to do and I am still proud of the works, but exhibiting is a strange thing for me. My work was not sellable and it is not clear to me what visitors think of it. I do not get any energy from exhibitions, and decided that that was not my direction in art.  

Expositions resulting from The tradition of a house

2000 De Boer-Waalkens – Drawings with Semna van Ooij; 1999 Kunst RAI, Amsterdam Uitgelicht 3, Fonds BKVB; De verschijning (The appearance), Tilburg – Voor de muur, door de muur (In front of the waal, through the wall); Pulchri Studio, Den Haag – Artwork Nature, Gate Foundation; De Villa, Enschede Apenkooi with Mark Met; 1998 Aa-Kerk, Groningen; Hooghuis, Arnhem – Onder Tussen Boven (Under in Between Above) with Jessica Panhuysen en Madeline Maus; Buro Empty, Amsterdam – solo-exposition. 1997 Vrieshuis Amerika, Amsterdam – The tradition of a house with all participating artists ; Kunst RAI, Amsterdam – Uitgelicht 2, Fonds BKVB; 1996 Galerie Liter, Den Haag – Perspectief van de goden (Perspectives of the gods) with Natasja van Eijk and Petra Gerritsen.

Financing start stipend from Fonds BKVB