Refugee Organization De Werkelijkheid (The Reality) under the direction of Monique Hoving

Hoe goed ik ook mik, ik mis je, Amsterdam – 2012 / (No matter how well I aim, I miss you)

Ten artists who had to pack their bags and flee their countries took part in a Master class and designed a ritual based on the them “missing”. In the old baggage hall from Loods 6, a place where bidding farewell always played a role, visitors were invited to take part in the rituals which they developed from their artistic backgrounds. During the Master class, the rituals Memory Things and Knitting Women were used to bring out the stories. 

Artists Aleksandra Mihajlovic, Anush Martirossian, Aram Mehdi, Aref Damee, Emad Al Fatly, Hanan Ageel Zahroon, Helena Klakocar, Mojgan Lalizadeh, Olivier, Rahma Awad. Master class and production Ida van der Lee in cooperation with Ada Leenheer and Simone de Groot.

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